Building/Construction Permits

Permit Required
Garza County permit requirements apply only to sub-divisions.  (Adopted by Commissioners’ Court on 08/13/2012).

The following projects must be approved with a permit before construction begins: (Adopted by Commissioners’ Court on 11/19/2007.) 
  1. A habitable structure, new or added on to, to be used for living space,
  2. Commercial structures and other structures for public use, and
  3. Any other construction project not defined by the International Residential Code or the Commercial Construction Provision.  [Including operations with-in a County Road right-of-way. (Adopted by Commissioners’ Court on 8/17/2009.)]

    Garza County operates under the 2003 code.  (Approved by Commissioners' Court, May 8, 2006.)


Construction Permit Application Process

  1. Obtain the Permit Application packet from the county clerk’s office or download from this web page.
  2. Submit the completed Permit Application to the county clerk or directly to the inspector.
  3. County Clerk will contact contractor when the permit fee is determined and application is approved.
  4. Contractor then pays Permit fee at the county clerk’s office to obtain Permit.
  5. Contractor can begin construction.
  6. Contractor must contact the county’s inspector prior to each inspection. (On 3/28/11, the commissioners’ court “prohibited third party inspectors from participating in the building permit/inspection process in Garza County”.)
  7. After final inspection, inspector submits request to clerk for Certificate of Occupation issued to the property owner.

Building Permit Applications are available at the Clerk's office at the Garza County Courthouse, or download from the links below: